Rafiah crossing
Rafiah crossingArutz Sheva: Flash 90

Gaza terrorists committed a major faux pas on Wednesday afternoon by launching a rocket attack on Rafiah instead of southern Israel.

The missile, apparently intended for Jewish communities in the western Negev, instead struck a residential neighborhood in the city that straddles the Gaza border with Egypt.

One woman suffered shrapnel wounds when the missile exploded in the middle of the neighborhood, according to the MENA Egyptian state news agency. She was taken to the local hospital with light injuries.

This is not the first time that Gaza terrorists have made mistakes with their ordnance, which sometimes explodes prematurely, often while being assembled in the “factory.”

However, it was the first time a rocket from the Hamas terrorist-ruled region had landed on Rafiah. An Egyptian source commented to the Reuters news agency the issue is “raising concern among the security forces here.”

Egyptian security personnel are continuing to search the Sinai Peninsula for the Hamas-funded terrorists connected to the attack on Israel last Thursday along Route 12, north of Eilat. Eight Israelis died in the attack, as did five Egyptian border guards during the melee as both Israelis and Egyptians attempted to stop the terrorists.

Egyptian security personnel investigating the incident have identified three Egyptian nationals among at least 12 or more terrorists who were involved in the attack. Ten of the 12 were killed by security forces from both countries, but the others managed to escape.