Egyptian border
Egyptian borderIsrael news photo: (file)

Arab media outlets are reporting the arrest of a man in Egypt for allegedly working with Israel's Mossad. The detainee is a Jordanian citizen who has been identified as Bashar Abu-Zeid.

The Al-Jareeda paper reported that Abu-Zeid had been working for a Mossad agent known as Ofir Harari.

The Mossad agent managed to escape the country when the spy ring was uncovered, the paper said.

Abu-Zeid has been indicted for “harming Egypt's national security.” He is accused of working with “Harari” to infiltrate media networks in Egypt, in exchange for payment.

Egypt is also holding a young American-Israeli man, Ilan Grapel, on suspicions of spying. Many Egyptians are mocking the Grapel “spy” saga as fiction.

Last year Egypt turned to Interpol with a request for help in capturing an “Israeli spy ring.” Egyptian officials accused the “spy ring” of plotting to attack tourists in the Sinai Peninsula.

A short time earlier, an Egyptian official accused the Mossad of involvement in shark attacks in Sinai.