Prayers at "tent city" protest
Prayers at "tent city" protestArutz Sheva: Flash 90

Meir Indor, head of the Almagor terror victims' advocacy group, has issued a call to the religious Zionist community to refrain from supporting the housing protest.

They are not there, except in negligible numbers, as was noted by the Makor Rishon Hebrew weekly this weekend, possibly, according to the editor, because they are used to protesting for idealistic rather than material reasons. Even if some protest demands are justified, the idea makes them uncomfortable especially as they do not see the real poor at the protests.

Indor identified the protest as political in its early stages.

"I call on the national-religious community and the residents of Judea and Samaria not to join the ongoing protests," Indor wrote. "As for me, if I were to participate in one of these, I would carry a sign that said, 'I don't deserve anything.'"
"We were not reared, and we did not rear our children, to make demands of the state, but to contribute to it.  The communities of Judea and Samaria, too, were founded only for the sake of our people and for our national security."
"The protests, though, diverge from these traditional Israeli values, in that they revolve around the individual, rather than the country.  Instead of asking what we can do for our country, they seek to teach us to ask what our country can do for us."
"These people, this 'collapsing middle class,' with their designer clothes and luxury-brand baby strollers, are not in search of social justice.  What they want is to be spoiled.  They want us, the taxpayers, to help pay their living expenses."
             "Our children will keep putting our country first.  They will keep volunteering to serve in elite army units.  They will keep participating in all sorts of
             social projects.  They, and we, will keep wondering why they almost never saw any of you in these places."
Indor addressed the protesters: "If you really are so unfortunate, then we are willing to help you out at the expense of our modest pensions and salaries. But do us a favor and take down your embarrassing tents."
Some of the more liberal religious Zionist rabbis, including Rav Yuval Cherlow, Rav Shai Piron and Rav Benny Lau, have come out in support of the protest.