Yirmi Kaplan, a rock musician who created several well-known tunes in the 1990s, grabbed headlines Saturday night when he issued a call for violence, if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not heed the demands of the media-organized protesters in Israel's streets. 

"We all need to go out and make the earth shake, so that the people making the decisions understand that the ground is shaking, burning," Kaplan told Channel 10 news. "They should know that if nothing is done, something could happen that is not as nice as artists singing songs."
"Look at what is happening in England, where people are starting to break shops, overturn cars… I am not sure that we will get to that so fast. But if a change fails to happen, I am sorry to say that things need to go in more violent directions."
The protestors in England, by all accounts, have no goal or cause motivating them except looting, violence and a total disregard for law and property. They destroyed property belonging to all classes, leaving ordinary people ruined.  The UK is considering tough measures to crack down on the unbridled delinquency.
Kaplan warned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: "Bibi Netanyahu, who is an expert on history, knows that most revolutions were carried out with a lot of violence. So I think that he is a smart enough person to try and prevent this and to take the necessary actions to satisfy the multitudes of people on Rothschild Avenue and in Be'er Sheva and in Ramat HaSharon too." 
"This is a kind of revolution," Kaplan explained. "We need to go out to the street so that they understand this is about all of us, the entire nation. Neither left nor right. There are people who have, the well connected ones, and there are the ones [who have to fight with] their fingernails. No matter if you are a construction worker of a musician or a driver, it doesn’t matter, I hear the same stories from all of us. We are the ones with the fingernails and they are breaking."
Ynet, a leftist website that has been at the forefront of instigating the housing protests, has been hinting at violence for several days. The student protest organizers appear to fear that as the summer vacation ends and their school year begins, the protest will lose momentum and fizzle out.