Protesters dance at rock show.
Protesters dance at rock show.Flash 90

The leaders of the tent protest against high prices say they will not meet with the government-appointed committee that is supposed to discuss their grievances. 

"We will not enter into bureaucratic negotiations with them that will only drown us in a morass of items," explained Yonatan Levy, one of the protest's leaders, in Ynet, which is providing the protest with public relations.
Levy took part in a meeting Tuesday between the protest leaders and leftist academics, who warned the young activists against negotiating with the team appointed by the government. Professor Yossi Zeira of Hebrew University told the activists: "We must tell the team of experts – 'We will not talk to you. The change needed is a deep change in policy.'"
Another expert who spoke to the activists was former senior Justice Ministry official Talia Sasson, who ran for the last elections on the Meretz ticket. She said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is simply playing for time. "You who want a change in the national order of priorities – if  you think that the prime minister can give you this, I think you are wrong because if he gives you this then he will not have a coalition. The team of experts he appointed is not for thinking or giving, it is for procrastinating."
Ynet quotes another activist leader, Ezer Elia, as saying that the goal is to "restrain capitalism" while Dr. Daniel Dor of Tel Aviv University speaks about a long-term "guerrilla war."