The third day of London rioting threatens members of the large Jewish community in Stamford Hill. They have been advised not to walk alone and to be careful when going to synagogue on Tisha B’Av Tuesday.

Gas stations have been closed. More than 450 people have been arrested since Saturday, when police shot a motorist in Tottenham, which is comprised mainly of immigrant and second and third-generation immigrants.

One London resident told Arutz Sheva Tuesday afternoon that Jewish businessmen and professionals are not able to travel to nearby offices, where many of their premises have been looted.

She added that the riots have-not reached Stamford Hill – yet. The riots have spread to only a short walk from Stamford Hill, which is home to thousands of orthodox Jews. Police stopped a riot from getting out of hand in Golders Green, another community with a large Jewish population.

Police are battling to regain control of the riots that began in Tottenham and spread to other London districts as well as Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol.

Prime Minister David Cameron has called the House of Commons to break summer vacation and attend an emergency session on Thursday to discuss the riots. He warned that the police will not tolerate lawbreakers and said that 16,000 police officers will be on the street Tuesday night.

Anti-Semitism has been thrown into reports on the riots, with the London Guardian taking pains to point out that several hareidi religious Jews were at one of the riots. The newspaper did not single out any other racial or religious group.

The London Jewish Chronicle reported that, “A representative from the board of Deputies of British Jews joined a multi-faith ‘vigil of hope’” as Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders plead for calm.

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