Tel Aviv tent protest
Tel Aviv tent protestArutz Sheva photo: Flash 90

The Paamonim organization supports the aims of the housing protest, but is not content to do just that. The group has been visiting tent cities and offering their young residents free lessons in financial planning, to help them avoid personal financial crisis despite tough times.

Initial talks have focused on the basics of budgeting. Paamonim's volunteers report high interest in what they had to say – so much so that the group has decided to increase its activities in the tent cities in upcoming days.

Paamonim agrees that the price of housing has become a matter of concern, chairman Oriel Lederberg said Sunday. The group came to the tent city in large part “to join the cry against the dreadful situation in which many citizens cannot afford appropriate housing that meets their needs,” he said.

In recent months the group has seen more and more cases in which financial troubles can be directly attributed to the cost of housing, he said.

“It's true that the government must provide solutions... and to make it possible for citizens to find appropriate housing,” Lederberg said. “But alongside that, we continue to emphasize that we must demonstrate personal responsibility and learn how to balance our budgets so that we will not collapse and need help.”