Housing protest
Housing protestIm Tirtzu

Anarchists attacked nationalists who joined the housing protest in Tel Aviv's Rothschild Ave. Thursday. The anarchists set fire to one of the tents pitched by the nationalists but the flames were quickly doused and no one was hurt. The tent was slightly damaged.

A photographer for Tatzpit who documented the arson was also attacked and his camera was damaged. He filed a complaint with the police.
The anarchists and other radical leftists have been harassing the nationalists since they arrived at the site Wednesday.  They have torn nationalist signs and shouted "racists out."
Nationalists fought back and a melee resulted. The nationalists also taunted the leftists, saying, "We thought the protest was not political."
There is copious evidence that the protest is organized and financed by the New Israel Fund. However, the protesters insist that they represent an authentic apolitical grassroots movement.