Baruch Marzel
Baruch MarzelA7 Staff

Migron residents responded to the High Court decision to demolish their community by March 2012 saying the court was setting a hypocritical precedent that encroached on government authority.

"The Supreme Court is dictating to the government how to arrange the settlement enterprise," a community representative said. "It is interesting to consider that the same court allowed an active terrorist last week to claim rights it denies to 300 loyal citizens. This is the first precedent where the High Court has ordered the Israeli government to destroy a settlement it established itself with its own hands."
The Yesha Council said the court had demonstrated bias and denied the residents of Migron due process.
"The High Court headed by President Dorit Beinisch will never miss an opportunity again to rule against the settlements and throw a match into a barrel of powder with no need," the council said.
"Whoever recently permitted the Hizbollah terrorist Mustafa Dirani to sue the State of Israel for millions despite dubious standing, while preventing dozens of Israeli families living in Migron from making their cases to the courts, refusing to examine documents and evidence for ten years, and dismissed out of hand an agreement the community had with the government, has sealed their fate without a trial," it added. 
Our Land of Israel chairman Baruch Marzel accused Benish of fermenting civil conflict in Israel.
"Benisch is pushing for civil war and the consequences of the verdict are on her," Marzel said. "Apparently after her retirement she wants to join the tents of the radical left."