Tel Aviv tent protest
Tel Aviv tent protestArutz Sheva photo: Flash 90


Nationalist activists for housing solutions in western Samaria prepared to join the housing demonstration in Tel Aviv Thursday evening despite knowing that they would probably not be welcome there. They intend to come in large numbers and say they are not intimidated by the possibility they will be attacked. 
The nationalists want the housing shortage solved through large scale construction in Samaria. This solution is anathema to the leftist organizers of the demonstrations, who view Judea and Samaria as places where Jews should not tread, much less reside. Nationalists who joined the housing demonstrations in the course of the past two weeks have occasionally been assaulted physically by leftists.
"There should be construction throughout the Land but the emphasis should be on western Samaria," said  Yehuda Fuah of the Action Committee for Solving the Housing Shortage in Western Samaria.
"There are tens of thousands of construction approvals in western Samaria. There is no bureaucracy here, Bibi [Netanyahu] just has to sign. And if he signs it will take the pressure off the center [of Israel] as well."
"Western Samaria is very close to Tel Aviv, just 15 minutes' drive. Communities like Ariel, Nofim, Alfei Menashe and Karnei Shomron are really in central Israel."