Soccer on the Temple Mount
Soccer on the Temple MountScreenshot

The rules on the Temple Mount are unique for Jews: No singing, no prayer books and certainly not a Torah scroll, but Muslim can play soccer outside their holy mosques while Arab workers remove dirt containing archeological proof of the destroyed Jewish Temples.

Police have barred a group of women who allegedly broke the rules and sang.

The police restriction applies to the “Women’s Forum, for the Temple Mount,” who four times in the past several months have been granted permission to ascend the holy site, where Israel has surrendered religious authority to the Muslin “Waqf.”

Police refused a request from them to visit the Temple Mount next Wednesday, during the nine days of mourning leading up to the Ninth of Av, the Hebrew date when the First and Second Temples were destroyed.

Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told Arutz Sheva that at least one of the women sang on the Tempe Mount during the last visit and continued to do as after being warned. Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick replied that she stopped immediately ad was not evicted.

“The police are making excuses,” he charged. Rosenfeld said the request to visit the site still is being re-studied.

The spokesman also noted that a man who took out a small Torah scroll n the Temple Mount also was expelled and invesigated. Glick said that the man was not part of groups who regularly visit.

Glick also has been barred by the police, who said that no permission is given to anyone who violates government and High Court decisions against blatant Jewish activity that could cause a provocation among Muslims.