MK Rabbi Eichler
MK Rabbi EichlerFlash 90


“Haredi Judaism has been crying out for years about the housing shortage, and its coalition partners were deaf to the cries of the parents and the children,” MK Rabbi Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism) said Sunday.
“Maybe now that the leftist activists in Tel Aviv are bringing youth out to the streets of Tel Aviv [to protest the shortage],” he explained, “the government will be forced to take action, besides steps that are taken in the distant Galilee and Negev.”
Rabbi Eichler mentioned a fable in Jewish tradition about a village girl whose pail fell into the well and no one heeded her call for help. Only when a golden pail belonging to the king’s daughter fell in as well were the pails pulled out by willing hands.
Tens of thousands of hareidi-religious young couples with nowhere to live - due to housing that is unaffordable for parents who have a large number of children to marry off - could not bring the government to act, he explained. 
He added sarcastically, the way of talking for which he is famous on Israeli political talk shows, that now that the “sons of royalty” in Tel Aviv are out in the public squares, the problem finally gets a fair hearing.
Eichler has been conducting meetings with ministers and legal experts to try and find a way to stop the steep rise in prices of homes.