Money.Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Hamas terror organization that rules Gaza confirmed Wednesday it was not feeling a budget crunch, the PA-run Ma'an news agency reported.

This despite rumors of mass poverty in Gaza, and the ongoing fiscal meltdown and corruption probe the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah finds itself in. 
The Hamas finance minister, Aladdin Al-Rafati, said the Hamas government would continue to pay employee salaries and on time every month as usual.
Salaries will be paid on time and were last paid on June 12, Rafati said in a statement. 
The minister denied rumors in Gaza that there was an impending financial crisis, explaining that taxes collected in Gaza amounted to 70 percent of what was needed to pay employees.
"The rest will be provided through voluntary contributions and assistance to the Government," he said. 
The Hamas Ministry of Finance says that the government pays salaries for more than thirty five 'paramilitary personnel' and civilians at a value of 61 million shekels [about $20 million] per month.
Qatar and its Gulf Cooperation Council allies say they will be financing the construction of thirteen new schools for Hamas in Gaza later this year. This despite Arab nations refusing to underwrite 
IDF officials note that the Kerem Shalom crossing, through which aid passed from Israel to Gaza, is never at full capacity due to a lack of demand.