Sifting Temple Mount soil dumped by Waqf.
Sifting Temple Mount soil dumped by Waqf.Sifting Project

A special Knesset subcommittee convened Wednesday afternoon to discuss declassifying a report by the State Comptroller on illegal excavation by Muslim authorities on the Temple Mount.

The Chairman of the Knesset’s State Control Committee, MK Yoel Hasson (Kadima), toured the Temple Mount Wednesday after he received the full and detailed report by the Comptroller regarding unauthorized Waqf digs on the Mount. 
A partial version of the Comptroller’s report made public a few months ago – and a secret portion of the report – found that Muslim officials carried out excavations on the Mount without authorization and without coordinating with state authorities.
The Comptroller castigated the Israel Police, Antiquities Authority, and the Jerusalem Municipality for not taking any action vis-à-vis the infractions and also failing to notify the Comptroller’s Office of the problem.
Hasson toured the Mount and convened the State Control Committee’s Subcommittee on Security, Foreign Relations and International Trade Ties to discuss the possibility of holding a vote in the State Control Committee on declassifying the entire report. 
Muslim authorities on the Temple Mount have taken advantage of the relative confusion and demoralization in Israel in the years since the launch of the 2000 "Oslo War" to conduct illicit excavations at Judaism's holiest site, bring in generators and carry out other provocations.  
The censoring of the Comptroller's report on the Muslim abuse of the Temple Mount has been sharply criticized by the Committee to Prevent Destruction of Temple Mount Antiquities