Pajama Media’s Andrew Klavan has a novel one-state solution: Let Israel take over the entire Middle East and Arabs will be much better off.

Instead of accepting U.S. President Barack Obama’s proposal that Israel return, more or less, to the 1949-1967 lines “in exchange for being annihilated by its enemies,” Klavan says his novel one-state solution is the only plan likely “to bring tranquility, freedom and justice" to the region.

“Turning the entire Middle East into one big Israel will secure religious freedom for everyone in the area,” Klavan declares. “The fact is Muslims and Christians have full freedom of religion in the Jewish state. Only under the Jews are the religious sites of the Holy Land open to all.

“Once the entire Middle East becomes Israel, most of the region’s Arabs will be freer and better off in every way than they ever have been before. Only in Israel are women given full human rights.”

See the end of the video for Klavan’s unique answer to the anti-Semitic charges that Israel already runs the United States.