Yariv Oppenhimer.
Yariv Oppenhimer.Israel news photo: Flash 90


Extreme left wing group Peace Now accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of racist motivation for standing up to U.S. President Barack Obama in a White House press briefing last week.
In an op-ed piece for Ma’ariv, Peace Now Director-General Yariv Oppenheimer called Netanyahu’s behavior “unprecedented.” 
It was no coincidence, he explained, that the Prime Minister’s “Israeli arrogance broke records,” and that “sentences that are supposed to be said behind closed doors and in internal discussions were exhibited for all to see in a condescending and ugly manner.”
Netanyahu’s “supercilious and patronizing attitude” in "scolding" Obama stems from the fact that Obama, the first black American president, is not part of the same social milieu as former presidents like Bush, Reagan and Clinton “and the like,” he went on. Netanyahu did everything he could to “humiliate and hurt” Obama, Oppenheimer told his Israeli readers. 
Right-wing American Jews are also guilty of the same attitude, he went on.  
Obama’s speech would not have earned the same amount of public condemnations and insults had Obama been “a rich white American president,” concluded Oppenheimer. Netanyahu, he said, should judge Obama by his deeds, which are supportive of Israel, “rather than his ethnicity, his past and the background he grew up in.” 
Documents released by the White House this year showed that dark-skinned Obama earned over $1.2 million in 2010, after taxes. Fair-complexioned Netanyahu, on the other hand, earned $51,000 (fifty-one thousand dollars) that year, after taxes. That means that for every dollar earned by Netanyahu, Obama made $24.