First Tekoa Destruction
First Tekoa DestructionIsrael news photo: Women in Green, Kinarti


Civil leaders in Judea, Gush Etzion and Tekoa say they have learned that the IDF is planning to once again destroy the house of Yigal and Maayan Carlebach in Tekoa, western Gush Etzion.

An Israeli government force destroyed their first house, in the same location in Tekoa D, in a 4:00 AM operation this past December. They arrived with no prior warrant or warning, ordered the couple and their month-old infant son out of the house, removed the contents – and bulldozed the house down. It had been hand-built by Yigal over the course of the past year.

When Maayan asked the forces, “Where are we supposed to go now? Where should we sleep?” she was told, “Sleep in your car.” Ultimately, however, they moved into a caravan nearby while they proceeded, with incredible will and determination, to rebuild. It took them a day or two to recover from their shock, and, with the help of friends, neighbors and others, they rebuilt their home exactly on the same spot.

Women in Green and others are asking the public to turn to Knesset Members, Cabinet ministers, and others to work towards “averting the evil decree” that appears to be in the works – the destruction of the Carlebachs’ second home.

See here a short movie of Maayan speaking just after the first destruction of her home.

The following is a short video of part of the actual first destruction.