Hamas co-founder Mahmoud Zahar on Wednesday told the Maan news agency Hamas would never recognize Israel.

Saying Hamas would accept a PA state based on the "1967 borders," Zahar made it clear a peace accord would only serve as a prelude to Israel's destruction.

Zahar, who has served as Hamas' foreign minister in Gaza since 2006, said Hamas would not recognize Israel because doing so would "cancel the right of the next generation to liberate the land."

"If the Palestinian state does not encompass all of Israel the next generation will liberate the land," Zahar said.

Zahar added recognition of Israel could lead to a de facto cancellation of the "right of return" - a term Arabs use when demanding that Israel allow millions of Arabs into Haifa, Tel Aviv and the rest of its cities and communities.

"What will be the fate of the five million Palestinians in the diaspora?" Zahar asked.

Zahar told Maan his faction's unity deal with Fatah, which included maintaining a ceasefire with Israel, is "part of the resistance, not a cancellation."

“A truce is not peace," Zahar said.