Bible quiz winner Edelman
Bible quiz winner EdelmanIsrael news photo: Muki Shwartz

Shlomo Edelman from Nof Ayalon and Shaalvim Yeshiva High School was crowned Israel Bible Contest winner on Independence Day Tuesday. 

He bested the runner up from the Amana High School of Kfar Saba Noam Hadad by a single point in what can be regarded as a Bible contest version of a football penalty shootout as each contestant was asked 12 questions to decide the contest. In the regular competition both participants scored fifty points. Despite the suggestion of former Israeli President Yizhak Navon to declare the contest a draw and call the finalists bride and groom, the contest went on.

In congratulating the winners and the participants, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took pride in the fact that his son was a finalist last year in the same contest. He also took satisfaction that the Ministry of Education was restoring bible studies and stories to its proper place. Turning to representatives from the Diaspora, Netanyahu urged them to make aliyah. He also announced the return of a Bible contest for adults.