Ground Breaking
Ground BreakingFlash 90

Daniella Weiss announced Wednesday that ground has been broken for a new settlement near Itamar called "Regev."

In an interview with Israel National News, Weiss, long a prominent figure in the settlement movement, said, "Regev is not part of Itamar. It is outside the fence, west of Itamar, on a hill overlooking the city of Nablus. We have been joined by idealistic people from the next generation of the settlements. Some from different cities. These are people with a very strong emotional connection to the Land of Israel."

Among the twenty families who broke ground at Regev were immigrants who left everything behind for their ideals.

"We are immigrants," said one of the new residents "We have two generators and construction equipment to build structures for the families. We raised funds for the dining room. Our first task is to establish an encampment - huts and tents for sleeping.."

Weiss said the new community will be built without any security.

"What gives more confidence than [open] space?" Weiss asked rhetorically. "It's exactly the decision to live in ghettos that is dangerous. Moses said, if the Canaanites lived behind walls it was a sign that they are cowards; and if they lived in open spaces, a sign they were mighty [in spirit]. In any case, no one has any weapons because the army confiscated all our weapons, including my weapon . The whole story of the weapons has become a political issue. Our message is that God is the one that will safeguard us. "

Weiss said the establishment of new communities in Judea and Samaria should be a priority irrespective of the shocking murder of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar.

"We must not wait for disaster to build," Weiss said. "We should build out of simple joy."