Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is in Germany today, hoping to ward off European endorsement for a unilaterally-declared PLO state. 

His alternative plan is almost equally worrisome to the nationalist camp - members of which are also in Germany, meeting with Freedom Party leaders.

German officials said that on the table in today's talks between Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel include ideas to break the stalemate in the negotiations between Israel and the PA, as well as the upheaval in parts of the Arab world.

Israel fears that the Quartet of Middle East peacemakers — the United Nations, European Union, Russia and United States — will endorse the PLO state initiative when they convene in Germany later this month. The UN General Assembly is likely to vote on the matter when it convenes this September.

Netanyahu's Alternative...
It is assumed that Netanyahu will present Merkel with an alternative plan of his own to get the negotiations going again. However, because it is based on Netanyahu's support for a PA state – albeit demilitarized and recognizant of Israel as the Jewish national home – it has
aroused great opposition among Israel's nationalist camp.

"...Will Lead to Islamic Caliphate"
In fact, a delegation of Land of Israel faithful paid a visit of their own to Europe this week, warning that Netanyahu's plan would actually do nothing less than bring about "a second Holocaust upon the Jewish people, destroy Western culture, and lead to an Islamic conquest of the European continent."

The delegation includes Prof. Hillel Weiss of Bar Ilan University, Rabbi Shalom Wolpe of Chabad, and the Shomron Regional Council's David HaIvri. They were invited by and met with European freedom parties fighting against Islam, and spoke in Berlin, Cologne, and in Antwerp to Members of Parliament, party heads and public representatives.

Their message was that the division of the Land of Israel and Jerusalem will lead to the rise of a Muslim Caliphate and to the victory of jihad. They also emphasized that, reminiscent of the early days of the Hitler regime, many European countries cooperate with Iran in its nuclear program and with massive support for its economy, a "phony" embargo notwithstanding.

The European hosts read aloud a declaration at a ceremony in the city of Genselkirschen. Selected quotes:

"We, the leaders of the Freedom Parties all over Europe, fear for the fate, the character and the ancient culture of the continent because of the Muslim waves of conquest enveloping it - and first and foremost, because of the moral corruption that has overtaken the weak leaders of Europe and the European Union… We warn against political, economic and military cooperation… with terror states and terror organizations, instead of [the countries] fulfilling their obligation to ban them and fight against them.

"This conduct is connected to the demands and the heavy pressure by the European Union on the State of Israel while abandoning its security, in order to recognize a sovereign Palestinian state and while allocating inexhaustible resources to the Palestinian state and its leadership.

"The formation of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state and the division of Jerusalem will lead to a second Holocaust on the Jewish People and will constitute the greatest victory for fundamentalist Islam, and this is what will give it the momentum to conquer the rest of the world…

"We stand behind the position of our friends, residents of Judea and Samaria, as guardians of the Jewish People to defend their forefathers’ inheritance against any foe or attacker, and await together with them our joint victory over the evil and darkness spreading throughout the world."