Hasan Afzal on Channel 10.
Hasan Afzal on Channel 10.Screenshot.

A new British group called British Muslims for Israel thinks calls for Israel's destruction are "nonsense" and condemn Hamas and Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade who are "determined to kill indiscriminately."

The group lobbies for Israel and highlights hypocrisy of Iran and Muslim dictatorships. A spokesman for the group, Hasan Afzal, explained in an interview with Channel 10 that Muslims in Israel are freer than they are under repressive Arab regimes. 
The interview in English can be viewed here, after a short introduction in Hebrew by the interviewer.

"Israel is here to stay," Afzal told interviewer Guy Lerer on Tzinor Laila, a nightly show that samples Internet content. "It is a democracy, it is a place where people can live freely together, and it is exactly the sort of civic society and system that we should be replicating across the Middle East."