The convoy in Jerusalem
The convoy in JerusalemIsrael News photo

A convoy numbering dozens of cars headed out on Thursday from Itamar, through the site of Wednesday's terror attack in Jerusalem, and all the way to Be'er Sheva which has been hit by rockets fired by terrorists from Gaza.

The convoy's message was loud and clear: "We are all one people and terror affects us all equally."

“The Arab terror is rearing its ugly head and is trying to destroy and uproot Jews,” said Samaria Residents' Council head Benny Katzover, who added that “unfortunately, Israel’s security system is headed by a person who stands opposite all these developments and tries to uproot us from here. He’s trying to build for them a Palestinian terror state, and we demand that the Prime Minister fire Barak. He authorized the shooting of rubber bullets at Havat Gilad, he takes only steps that lead to destruction, and we’ve decided to start a series of protest actions against him. We’re also calling on all the Likud voters to turn to Netanyahu and tell him: 'Get rid of Barak or we won’t vote for you in the next elections.'”

“This is a small effort for us, to stand for half an hour in the pouring rain, but the people of Israel have to gather all their strength,” said Rabbi Deuel Basok. “Anyone who thinks that ‘we’re here, but they are there’ should know that this concerns all of us. We’re one nation, in one country, on one front. With G-d’s help we will win.”

Avishag Gigi, who headed a group of girl who took part in the protest, said: “We’re here to express solidarity after all the latest events: the terror attack in Itamar, the mortar shells and Grad rockets in Be’er Sheva, the terror attack here in Jerusalem. We’re expressing solidarity. We love this nation and we want to show the entire nation that we’re strong and that we love them.”