The Knesset’s Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee held a special discussion on Wednesday on the subject of J Street, the supposedly pro-Israel organization which in fact is sympathetic towards terror groups such as Hamas.

“The committee’s conclusion is very loud and clear,” committee chair MK Danny Danon told Israel National News. “You cannot be pro-Israel if you work against the interests of the State of Israel.”

Danon noted that “J Street is pro-Palestinian. It’s not a pro-Israeli organization. We told the people who came to the discussion, especially those who came from Washington, that they have to be Zionist and if they choose to fight against Israel we will fight back.

“Today they heard it very clearly from within the Knesset,” continued Danon. “The government will not work with J Street if they continue in their path of hatred and anti-Zionism while calling themselves pro-Israeli.”

Despite constantly presenting itself as being pro-Israel, J Street has endorsed terror groups and one of its co-founders has even claimed that Israel’s creation was “an act that was wrong.”

The group has also hidden the fact that it receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from Pro-Palestinian Authority billionaire George Soros, who once said Israeli and American policies fuel anti-Semitism.

J Street’s recent conference which was held in Washington saw participants admitting on video that “Hamas is no more a terrorist organization than the IDF” and that J Street should adopt the language of the “radical left.”

The Swiss-funded conference was attended by several Israeli MKs from the Kadima and Labor parties.