Retaliatory Attack
Retaliatory AttackFlash 90




Terrorists fired four Kassam rockets at the western Negev  this (Tuesday) afternoon. The rockets exploded close to one of the Shaar Hanegev Authority settlements, but no one was hurt and no damage was reported.
Gazan authorities claim that the IDF reacted within an hour of the missile launchings, with an artillery barrage aimed at the Tufach neighborhood in the southern part of Gaza City. According to Palestinian reports, the entrance to a home scored a direct hit, killing five people.

The Gazans claim that three of those killed are members of the same family, and include an 11 year old and a 16 year old who were there at the time.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his regret if innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip were unintentionally hit as a result of IDF shelling. He emphasized that the shelling was carried out in response to Hamas fire at Israeli civilians. "It is regrettable that Hamas continues to intentionally rain down dozens of rockets on Israeli civilians even as it uses civilians as human shields. While the State of Israel has no intention of bringing about a deterioration of the situation, the IDF will continue to take determined action to defend Israeli citizens," the Prime Minister said.

Last night,  IAF jets bombed two terrorist built tunnels, two sites for the manufacture and storage of weapons and two terrorist bases and training sites in retaliation for mortar bombardments from Gaza on the Sabbath. The IDF sent a message to Hamas, suggesting that "they refrain from letting the situation deteriorate to the point of an escalation of violence in which they will get a taste of  IDF strength."