Binyamin District
Binyamin DistrictIsrael news photo

Arabs stormed the area of Jewish neighborhoods Alei Ayin and Esh Kodesh, near Shilo, this afternoon. One Jew has been treated for a head wound after a rock hit him.

IDF forces were said to be on their way to the scene of the clash, after the Jews reported that they were “in trouble.” 

Dozens of Arabs arrived in the afternoon hours and threw rocks at the Jews there.

Alei Ayin and Esh Kodesh are two start-up neighborhoods adjacent to Shilo, in eastern Binyamin, north of Jerusalem. Together with Achiya and Adei Ad, they line the road leading from Shilo and Highway 60 to the Jordan Valley.

Two months ago, hundreds of Arab similarly stormed the area of Alei Ayin, just a day after homes there were destroyed by Israeli security forces.