A video that has been uploaded to the Internet video site YouTube by Jewish Judean activists provides a rare, up-close look at the strange world of radical leftists.

The video was shot on February 11, at the Har-Sinai farm near Susiya in the southern Hevron Hills.  

It shows Avidan Ofir, manager of the farm, being harassed by a group of radical leftists whom he caught trying to steal the farm animals’ source of water. He single-handedly prevented the gang from stealing the water until help arrived. The video's editors note that the most physically aggressive person among the leftist attackers appears to be a woman.

The 'activists' are a source of weekly harassment, according to the Honenu organization, a legal advice group which assists Jews arrested for nationalist, non-criminal actions. 

"This is an example of what our brothers are facing on a frequent basis from 'human rights' and 'peace' organizations funded by hostile foreign governments," Honenu said. "We salute Avidan for standing up for Jewish rights."  

The Har-Sinai farm was named after Yair Har-Sinai, a Jewish father of nine who was murdered by Arab terrorists nearly ten years ago while tending his sheep. He had carried no weapon.