Obama: forgot to mention slave trade.
Obama: forgot to mention slave trade.Israel news photo: White House

Two Western powers comment on Mubarak’s resignation: Germany’s Merkel calls for continued efforts for peace with Israel, while Obama does not.

Political affairs analyst Dr. Aaron Lerner, head of Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA), www.imra.org.il, notes the blatant contrast between Obama’s comments and Angela Merkel of Germany. Calling it a “cause for serious concern,” Lerner writes that German Chancellor Merkel prepared a short, two-paragraph comment on the developments in Egypt, and concluded it with a call for continued Egyptian efforts on behalf of peace with Israel.

"We also expect future Egyptian governments to pursue peace in the Middle East, so that the contracts were signed with Israel are respected and that Israel's security is guaranteed,” Merkel’s announcement stated.

Yet Obama, in a lengthy, 17-paragraph document addressing the historic changes taking place in Egypt, did not mention Israel or regional peace at all.  “This failure to mention peace,” Lerner noted, “was consistent with Mr. Obama's previous public remarks relating to Egypt prior to [Mubarak’s] resignation.”

Lerner concludes: “The very unfortunate message from Mr. Obama to the Egyptians in particular and the Arab world in general is that as far as he is concerned, Egypt honoring peace with Israel is at best of tertiary importance in his eyes.”