Hareidi women study
Hareidi women studyIllustrative

New and suitable employment opportunities are opening up to Hareidi women, in addition to the traditional education and secretarial fields which were almost their only options in the past.

A payroll management course is concluding these days in the Modi’in Illit branch of the Hareidi Center for Vocational Training and, as the results of the official examination by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants indicate, 90 percent of the Hareidi women who took the course passed the exam.

This is an amazing figure, as the national passing percentage is only about 45 percent, and also because salary preparation in Israel is particularly complicated, necessitating knowledge of many different agreements, additions, taxes, etc. in comparison with the U.S., for example.

“Although this is not the first time that our students succeed far above the national average, we are pleasantly surprised every time,” said the Haredi Center for Vocational Training CEO, Avraham Mordechai Horn. “Everyone already knows that all Hareidi students are hard-working and are willing to spend more time on their studies, but the fact that they achieve higher than average grades helps them integrate and reach senior key positions in various companies in the Israeli economy.”

The bookkeeping and accounting field is one of the most popular in Israel, largely in part due to the rapid developments in the local economy. There is a demand in the Israeli labor market in all areas of business activities and services. Those who complete the payroll management course have the most comprehensive knowledge in a vast range of areas, a fact which allows them to find employment in both the private and public sectors.

Registration is currently underway in all the branches of the Haredi Center for Vocational Training throughout Israel, for senior finance sector courses which are scheduled to begin in the coming weeks. Successful graduates will be given a senior  certificate in the field they studied  from the Institute of Accountants in Israel, which is the key to opening the door to employment.