An experiment on the Arrow
An experiment on the ArrowIDF Spokesperson Unit

The IDF’s "Magic Wand" (Sharvit Kesamim) system for intercepting intermediate-range rockets was successfully tested last week, the BaMachane military magazine reports in its latest issue.

The tests took place in southern Israel last week and were conducted by the Defense Ministry and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems under the attack conditions that Israel expects. At the end of the experiments it was estimated that the system will become operational within several years.

Magic Wand is intended to deal with a wide range of threats, and is essentially designed to fill a gap between the Iron Dome system for short-range missiles, such as the Qassam, and the Arrow for long-range missiles such as the Iraqi Scud and the Iranian Shihab.

In preparation for the system becoming operational, the Israel Air Force will begin an extensive preparatory project that will be completed soon. “Before the system becomes operational, we must put together the entire support system and infrastructure, and prepare literature and training,” an Air Force officer involved in the subject told BaMachane.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that the Air Force is expected to declare Iron Dome operational within several months.

“The system is currently undergoing a rapid development process which has not yet been completed,” Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan said recently. “There are several processes that we need to finish. Then the system will be declared operational based on an assessment of the situation.”