Hospital (illustrative)
Hospital (illustrative)Israel news photo: Flash 90

Israel has granted “temporary resident” status to a 9-year-old Palestinian Authority Arab girl from Gaza in order to enable her to receive medical care. Her father and brother have also been granted the status, deemed a “special humanitarian case” in a letter signed by Interior Minister Eli Yishai.

The girl, Marya Amen, was wounded in a 2006 IAF air strike on Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza City. Her mother, brother and grandmother were all killed, and Marya was paralyzed from the neck down – a condition that doctors expect will be life-long.

The new status allows Marya, who has been in a Jerusalem hospital for the past four years and who requires a respirator to breathe, to receive government-paid health insurance and compensation.

Until now, Israel's Defense Ministry has covered all of her medical and other expenses, and has rented the family an apartment near Jerusalem, her attorney, Adi Lustigman told the Associated Press.

The government has up to this point been trying to transfer the young girl to a Palestinian Authority medical facility. However, the family has claimed the PA facility cannot treat her condition.