Woman terrorist in Gaza
Woman terrorist in GazaIsrael news photo: CNN screenshot

“Terrorist feminists” in Hamas-controlled Gaza are training to be suicide bombers and to shoot machine guns to kill Israelis. A CNN crew traveled blindfolded to a secret location to film the women.

Female terrorists are not a new phenomenon in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, but it is rare that a foreign news agency is allowed to interview them and watch them training.

With sounds of Allahu Akbar [Allah is great] in the background, reporter Paula Hancocks interviewed the women terrorists in the back garden of an undisclosed location. “All [are] from the Salah ad-Din Brigades -- one of several militant groups in Gaza -- all veiled and armed. Only their eyes are uncovered,” she reported.

The women said they see nothing unusual in fighting alongside men because women also serve in the “Zionist” army. One woman wore gold rings on one hand while holding a hand grenade in the other.

The terrorists were interviewed while sitting at a table loaded with rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and explosives. Hancocks said that the scene was “carefully choreographed for our camera and the message is clear.”

"I am trained and ready to be a suicide bomber against Israeli soldiers,” one potential “martyr” said. Expressing the fundamentalist Islam jihad philosophy that drives Hamas, she added, "On the path of the Prophet they used to fight and struggle, so there is no trouble with that. They used to transport the wounded, but now we have ambulances for that."

Although Hancocks said that the women – and their male counterparts – are “reviled as terrorists” by many Western media outlets, CNN and most other foreign media, as well as the Israeli Ha’artez newspaper and web site, refer to them as “militants” when reporting attacks or Israeli counterterrorist operations against them.

The ages of the women range from the 20s to the 50s. “Four years ago, a 64-year-old grandmother blew herself up near Israeli soldiers in Gaza, wounding two,” Hancocks told viewers “She was the oldest Palestinian female suicide bomber.

“And at least one of these women in a Gaza backyard wants to follow in her deadly footsteps.”