The Western Wall Heritage Foundation has launched a brand new iPhone application that brings one of Israel’s most precious sites, the Kotel, right to users’ phones.

The new application allows users to watch the Western Wall Plaza live on their phones at anytime, take a virtual tour of the Western Wall tunnels, and send a note to the Kotel through the iPhone. The application even features a compass which is pointed towards Jerusalem, a particularly useful tool for worshippers, as the silent prayer said three times daily is said facing the city or facing the Kotel if the worshipper is in Jerusalem.

The Western Wall rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, welcomed the initiative and said: “The Western Wall has been in the heart of every Jew in the world for 2,000 years. It is only natural that in the technological age there will be ways to express the love and devotion of the Jewish people to the Western Wall and to Jerusalem. We hope that the new application will strengthen the younger generation’s bond to the Kotel.”

The application is available in Hebrew, English, and Russian, and may be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes store.

Welcome screen:

Live feed from the Western Wall Plaza:

A compass pointing to Jerusalem:

Send a note, a "kvitel",  to G-d via the Western Wall: