Aftermath of Grad rocket attack (archive)
Aftermath of Grad rocket attack (archive)Flash 90

Gaza-based terrorists fired a Grad rocket at the southern Israel town of Ofakim on Friday morning. The rocket hit an open field near the city; no injuries were reported.

The attack was the first Grad rocket shooting in the Ofakim region since the end of the Cast Lead counterterror operation in Gaza in early 2009.

On Thursday night, terrorists fired a short-range Kassam rocket at the Eshkol region. No injuries were reported. A third rocket was fired on Friday morning, but apparently landed within Gaza.

Avner Mori, head of the Merchavim regional council in which Ofakim is located, said the attack “is a reminder to us all that peace has not yet come to our region, and the government of Israel must take immediate steps to protect those who live here.”

On Wednesday, the Al-Qaeda inspired Gaza-based terrorist group Army of Islam vowed revenge on Israel after troops killed two senior terrorists who were plotting attacks on Israelis in the Sinai Peninsula. The two terrorists, Islam Yassin and Jamal a-Nahmnam, were both killed while driving in Gaza City.

The Army of Islam is an increasingly popular Salafi terrorist group that wishes to see Gaza run by Sharia (Muslim law). Army of Islam fighters have occasionally clashed with Hamas, which has instituted sharia law in Gaza, but only partially.