MK Danny Danon and YESHA Council Heads Meet
MK Danny Danon and YESHA Council Heads MeetShomron Council

MK Danny Danon (Likud) convened an emergency meeting Sunday over the proposed extension of the anti-Jewish construction freeze, along with Samaria local authority chief Gershon Mesika, Beit El Mayor Moshe Rosenbaum, Elkana Mayor Tzadok Nehorai, other Judea and Samaria local authority officials and Likud activists.

Emergency Meeting in Response to Talk about Renewal of Freeze

The idea for “Freeze 2” is “another bad move by the Obama administration,” Danon said. “It is strange that the results of the elections in the United States did not turn on a huge warning light for Obama, that the way to justify his Nobel prize is not through pressure on Israel.”
Danon called upon Likud ministers and other nationalist ministers not to give in to American demands and not to be blinded by the package of benefits that the US has offered Israel. Obama knows, he reasoned, that "freeze or no freeze, Americans will always side with Israel." 
Danon appealed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to “return to the true oath of loyalty [to Israel] of the Likud.” He declared: “If Netanyahu opts for a second freeze, we will consider parliamentary steps in resistance to a continuation of the freeze,” but did not specify what such steps might be.
"We will act together with the entire nationalist camp to stop this disgrace,” Danon vowed.
Mesika said that continued construction in Judea and Samaria is in the interest of the entire nation of Israel, and “whoever endangers it endangers the state of Israel.”
"If, G-d forbid, the racist freeze against Jews only is renewed, this will be the beginning of the countdown to the end of Netanyahu's term as prime minister," Mesika warned. "We will politically hound any minister who does not oppose this grave and patently immoral step.”