Carrots -a  new Israeli specialty in Russia
Carrots -a new Israeli specialty in RussiaIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Russia is gobbling up 9,000 tons of special Israeli carrots grown in the Negev and which are twice the size of the usual carrots that Israelis find in local markets. Russians pay about $1.30 a kilo for the carrots, which works out to about 60 cents a pound.

The exports are worth NIS 33 million ($9 million) and are a big hit in Russia. The carrots were grown in 12 farming communities in the south, and each one sports a diameter and length of approximately double those of the average carrot marketed locally.

In addition, Negev farmers are exporting 5,000 tons of potatoes to Russia, worth another NIS 20 million.

The export agreement promoted by the Avshalom group will boost the value of shipments of carrots to Russia by five percent. Avshalom director David Levy said the carrot is from a special variety that is very popular in the former Soviet Bloc.