Mohammed cartoon that sparked Muslim rage
Mohammed cartoon that sparked Muslim rageCartoonist Kurt Westergaard


The most common name given to baby boys born in England in 2009 was none other than Mohammed, in its various forms.

The name Mohammed is spelled 12 different ways. The most popular spellings were Mohammed and Mohammad, which were the given names of 3,300 and 2,162 babies, respectively. Other spellings include Muhammed, Mohamed, Mahamed, and even Mohmmed. In total, the name was given to 7,549 British baby boys in 2009 - 185 more than were named Oliver.

A report issued by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) in London indicates that the second-most popular name was Oliver, followed by Jack, Harry and Alfie. Next-most popular were Joshua, Thomas, Charlie, William, James, and Daniel.

The ONS does not recognize the various spellings of Mohammed as being the same name, and therefore pronounced Oliver the most popular name of 2009.

Muslims make up roughly 3% of Britain’s 58 million people, but their birth rate is higher than the norm for England..

The most popular girl’s name in Britain last year was Olivia, followed by Ruby, Chloe, Emily and Sophie.