Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas accused Iran of preventing PA unity in closed-door talks with members of the Arab League on Saturday. His statements were reported by the Arab news outlets Al-Hayyat, which is based in London, and Al-Watan, based in Syria.

Iran is dictating Hamas' agenda, and has decided against reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah, he charged. Abbas is the head of Fatah, a terror organization which is currently the ruling party in the Ramallah-based PA. The Gaza-based breakaway PA is run by Hamas.

Iran provides much of Hamas' funding and training. The terrorist group also receives assistance from Syria, and several of its senior leaders have found refuge in Damascus.

Abbas' accusation earned angry reactions from some Arab leaders. Libyan leader Muammar Al-Khadafi implied that Abbas's PA is not doing enough to fight Israel, questioning how PA Arabs wage "resistance" while negotiating.

Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh called to support "resistance" groups like Hamas, and suggested that the Arab League create a secret strategy for providing material support for such groups.

Abbas also faced criticism from Syrian President Bashar Assad, who questioned why the PA leader had asked the Arab League for a decision regarding negotiations with Israel. The Arab League is not the body that should be making such decisions, Assad said, according to Al-Hayyat.

Abbas said in response that Israel-PA negotiations affect the entire Arab world, and thus should be subject to pan-Arab approval.