Child attacker is hit
Child attacker is hitFlash 90

A Jewish man from Ir David in Jerusalem was detained Friday after he hit an Arab youth who ran in front of his car while pelting him with stones. The child suffered leg injuries.

The incident occurred as a group of Arab youth threw stones at passing Israeli cars in the neighborhood of Mei Shiloach (Silwan) outside the Old City in Jerusalem. The boys were surrounded by photographers, who eagerly recorded their activities.

As David Be'eri drove into the ambush, he began to swerve to the side. Video evidence shows he may have swerved to avoid hitting a young Arab boy in a blue shirt who was standing directly in his path. 

Two Arab boys then ran toward him, and were hit.

Those present lifted the injured youth and put him in a private vehicle instead of calling an ambulance. The incident was caught on film and uploaded to YouTube, where it was titled, "Palestinian kids get run over by Jewish man."

Be'eri was detained by police for questioning. He told them that he was simply trying to escape the ambush, as he was afraid for his safety and that of his young son, who was in the car with him. He had not seen the boys running at his car, he said.

He was defended by nationalist activist Baruch Marzel, who serves as a parliamentary aide to MK Michael Ben-Ari.

Be'eri did the right thing in refusing to stop and make himself a target for attack, Marzel said. "A rock that hits its target can kill," he noted.

"The time has come for police to stop giving in to the anarchists and lawbreakers," and to crack down on those who attack Jewish motorists, he added.

The incident took place one day after a Jewish repairman was attacked by an Arab mob after fixing a washing machine in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiya. The repairman escaped with the help of local elders.