Rock throwing Arabs
Rock throwing ArabsIsrael news photo: Flash 90

A Jewish security guard from The City of David (Ir David), opposite the Old City, killed one Arab and wounded another after he was ambushed before dawn Wednesday morning. Angry Arabs rioted and threw rocks at police officers, wounding at least one of them. Police responded with tear gas and stun grenades, and riots continued Wednesday afternoon as the Sukkot holiday approached.

Ir David residents said the guard was driving his car to a nearby gas station when a narrow road was blocked by garbage carts that Arab used to set up an ambush. He saw three Arabs waiting for him and he asked them to let him turn his car around and leave the area.

The three-member gang began throwing rocks at him, and the car’s engine died. The guard shot at the ground, but the gang ignored the warning shots and continued approaching him, one of them branding a knife. Fearing for his life, the security guard pulled out his revolver and shot at them, mortally wounding one of them in the stomach. A second attacker also was wounded, and Arabs claimed he also died, but there has been no confirmation.

The dead attacker, age 32, was later discovered to be carrying three knives, and police identified him as having been involved in previous riots.

Ir David residents said he was the same terrorist who was part of an ambush several weeks ago, when four cars and a house were set on fire. One of the vehicles belonged to the same doctor who rushed to the scene of the ambush early Wednesday morning after the guard shot at the Arab attackers.

The doctor unsuccessfully tried to save the attacker’s life, partly because he was missing the medical equipment that had been destroyed when the same man set his car on fire. The doctor had asked the government for compensation for a terrorist attack, but authorities refused the request, explaining that the damage was due to a "dispute among neighbors.”