British PM David Cameron
British PM David CameronTom Page

Britain has recently appointed a new Permanent Under Secretary of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The appointee, Simon Fraser, will take office in late August.

Fraser's appointment may cause concern in Israel. According to the Telegraph, Fraser left an earlier post, working as private secretary to former Foreign Office minister William Waldegrave, in order to marry an official from the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

Fraser resigned in 1990 after becoming involved with Shireen, the woman who eventually became his wife. The two met at a time when the organization still openly supported terrorism against Israelis, and was itself considered a terrorist group by Israel and the United States.

A former colleague of Fraser's confirmed to the Telegraph that Fraser had stepped down due to his relationship, saying, “Simon considered his position and decided that this relationship, which was a loving one, could cause problems among the government and in his professional life.”

The revelations about Fraser's background follow on the heels of an incident in which British Prime Minister David Cameron called Gaza a “prison camp.”