Arab MK Tibi Forcibly Removed from Podium
Arab MK Tibi Forcibly Removed from PodiumIsrael news photo: Knesset Channel

Anti-Israel Knesset member Ahmed Tibi allegedly received a threatening letter Tuesday morning, from a group calling itself “Pulsa Dinura.” “Pulsa Dinura” is the name of a ritual ceremony with supposed kabbalistic roots, which has been used on occasion in Israel to call for the downfall of prominent public figures.

"Because of your poisonous positions against Israel and Zionism,” the letter said, “the organization's management has issued a Pulsa Dinura against you.”

"You have 180 days left to live. Your death will be sudden and cruel, accompanied by much pain... It is time that you prepare your will.”

Tibi said that “the incitement by right wing Knesset members is the reason for the threats, and right wing Knesset members will bear responsibility for any harm inflicted upon me or or any of my Arab colleagues in the Knesset.” He filed a complaint with the Knesset Officer.

MK Uri Ariel (National Union) responded to Tibi's accusations by saying that Tibi “would love for us to take responsibility for [the letter]. The Arab MKs behave like a fifth column.”

Prominent nationalist figure Baruch Marzel said: “While it is true that we will not shed tears if harm comes to one of the Arab enemies in the Knesset, we act to have them removed from the Knesset and the state only through legitimate and legal means.”