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Navy commandoes foiled a major terrorist attack from the Gaza coast shortly before dawn Monday morning, and the Air Force strafed a rocket launching cell.

Four armed terrorists were killed and three others were missing in the Navy counterterrroist maneuver. Hamas officials confirmed that two were dead and another was missing. It is not yet known whether Hamas or a different terrorist group carried out the attempted attack on Israel, but initial reports indicate that the unit identifies with Hamas.

Navy commandos, from the same unit as that involved in the flotilla clash last week, spotted a squad of terrorists wearing diving suits on their way to carry out an attack on a nearby Jewish community. The force fired and hit the terrorists; no casualties were reported amongst IDF forces.

Later in the morning, the Air Force targeted a terrorist squad preparing to fire rockets from northern Gaza. Direct hits were identified. More than 10 rockets and mortars were fired from the Gaza in the last three weeks. 

Military sources that Hamas and allied terrorist groups plan and continually try to carry out strikes on Israeli soldiers and civilians by land and sea. Rocket attacks and infiltrations over the past two weeks represent an escalation in attempts to kidnap or kill Israelis.