Terrorists on flotilla ship Mavi Marmara
Terrorists on flotilla ship Mavi MarmaraIsrael news photo: Flash 90 / IDF

A musical tribute to the so-called “flotilla martyrs,” written and performed by cyber jihadist Asadullah Alshishani, is making the rounds of the Muslim Internet.

Entitled "When the Jew's Blood Reds my Knife, then my Life is Free from Strife" the nasheed -- an Islamic-oriented song traditionally sung a cappella, or accompanied only by a frame drum -- is sung in a complete monotone, with an electronic music bed in the “techno” style. Sung in American English without an accent, it is a stunning example of anti-Semitism. (See full text below.)

English lyrics are posted on an Islamist website, accompanied by a prayer for the terrorist “martyrs” of the flotilla who died after they attacked the Israeli SEALs who boarded the Mavi Marmara last week. The prayer also includes curses for the Israelis.

According to “Views from the Occident” blogger Christopher Anzalone, the singer's name translates as Lion of God, The Chechen. Anzalone, a graduate student in Middle Eastern and Islamic studies at Indiana University, specializes in researching Islam and “jihadism”. He revealed in a report written earlier this year that he had tracked down the jihadi singer's location “based on his IP address” to a village located near a major U.S. city less than seven hours from Bloomington, Indiana. Anzalone remarked with some irony that the location was “a place not famed for being 'Ard al-Jihad wa'l Ribat,' a land of struggle and guardianship.”

Alshishani apparently also recorded a similar “tune” in praise of Osama Bin Laden recently, repeating the refrain, “Amir of the Ansaar, How beautiful you are! You fight AmeriKKKa, and terrorize the Jews...Osama bin Laden, O, how I love you! You sold your soul for Jannah, to Allah you are true.”

A listener who reviewed the tune on a separate site on the Internet commented:

“Ostensibly intended as a recruitment tool, these misguided attempts at accessible propaganda are so uniformly awful... you can't help but laugh, or be left in shivers. Sporting eerie appropriations of gangster rap tropes (gunshots-as-ambience, violent braggadocio), footage of marches and infamous mujahadeen, and a truly bush-league Auto-tune, I'm left with the image of the sad sacks sitting solitary, whispering lyrics into a janky Packard Bell, tweaking levels, uploading to YouTube.”


Tribute to the Palestinian Humanitarian Activists

Who Were Martyred, Wounded and Imprisoned at the Hands of the Zionist Pigs

May God accept our fallen brothers and sisters from amonst the Shuhada and grant then Jannat Al-Firdaws.

May He heal our wounded brothers and sisters and take away their pains.

May He hasten the release of our imprisoned brothers and sisters and ease their suffering.

And may He curse and destroy the spite Zionist Crusaders and their allies.



"When the Jew's Blood Reds my Knife, then my Life is Free from Strife"

Singing / Asadullah Alshishani -- Lyrics / Asadullah Alshishani

When the Jew's blood reds my knife

Then my life is free from strife

Hiding behind rocks and trees

I'll find them with greatest ease

Make them get down on their knees

Slaughter them despite their pleas

Throw them in the ovens hot

Soap and lampshades sold and bought

Made of the Jews that we shot

Mercy's something I have not

With the bomb and machinegun

Blast at them and watch them run

We will have a lot of fun

Shoot and kill Jews one by one

Rise up, O Salahuddin

Great and brave Mujahideen

Like the Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

For the Love of Filistine

At Al Aqsa we shall meet

After Israel's defeat

Their dead bodies at our feet

Taste of victory is sweet

Jerusalem is calling me

Asadullah Alshishani

Jihad's where you're meant to be

Come and set the captives free