President Shimon Peres on cell phone
President Shimon Peres on cell phoneIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Four Israelis are suing Cellcom and three other local cell phone companies in the District Court of the Central Region over radiation health concerns. The suit was filed this week.

The four plaintiffs, who each say they are subscribers of each of the four defendant cell phone companies, are hoping to have the suit certified as a class action lawsuit. If the lawsuit is certified as a class action, the total amount to be claimed from the defendants will be an estimated NIS 3.68 billion, according to the plaintiffs.

The group is alleging that the companies violated their licenses and agreements with subscribers in the following ways:

* failing to construct cell sites in sufficient quantity, scope and coverage to provide services in the appropriate quality

* failing to test, repair and notify subscribers that non-ionizing radiation level for repaired handsets may exceed manufacturer specifications, as well as the maximum level allowed by law

*  failing to inform and caution the subscribers of the risks of carrying the handset and safety precautions in ratio to its distance from the body

The lawsuit charges that the above-mentioned failures thereby increased the level of non-ionizing radiation and health risks to which consumers have been and continue to be exposed. It is not clear when a ruling is expected to be handed down in the case.