Ehud Olmert in court (file)
Ehud Olmert in court (file)Israel news photo: Flash 90

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was questioned for eight hours Tuesday in the offices of the National Unit for Fraud Investigations in Lod. He is being investigated over allegations that he was a central figure in a bribery scheme that centered around the Holyland construction project in Jerusalem.

Unlike other suspects in the affair, who were arrested immediately after their police interrogations, Olmert was allowed to walk free following the session. He was forbidden, however, from contacting other suspects in the affair. Olmert reportedly cooperated with his interrogators.

Police investigators reportedly showed Olmert the information and documents they received from other suspects in the course of the past few weeks and asked for his version of the events.

Olmert's media adviser attacked the police Monday for telling the press that Olmert was about to be questioned. “It is unfortunate that the police are turning this event into a show,” he said.

Police sources have said that Olmert is suspected of taking bribes from the Holyland project's developers through his aide-de-camp, Shula Zaken, and through Attorney Uri Messer.