Aftermath of nuclear explosion
Aftermath of nuclear explosionIsrael news photo

The American-led "engagement” policies towards Iran is going to result in the very war it wants to prevent, according to an Iranian CIA spy. He says the only way to prevent a possible nuclear war with Iran is to attack the country now.

In the meantime, Iran announced Sunday it has started mass-producing a new medium-range anti-aircraft missile that "can destroy modern planes in low and medium altitudes.”

Writing under the pseudonym Raza Kahlil, his book “A Time to Betray” reveals that he began to spy on Iran for the CIA after he was disillusioned by the 1979 revolution and fled the Islamic Republic.

Interviewed by Reza Aslan of the Daily Beast web site, “Kahlil” predicted that if Iran obtains a nuclear weapon, which it apparently will do, “The Iranian people are going to pay a very, very heavy price. And you could see major destruction in Iran."

He reasoned that the West is "dragging out” its attempts to place harsher sanctions on Iran and “is not dealing with it the way they should. One thing they could do very simply is cut off shipping lines—all airspace and shipping lines closed to everything coming into Iran and going out of Iran,” which is an act of war.

“Let it be an act of war.” he said. “You've got two choices: Either take out the [Revolutionary] Guard right now, or wait until they have a bomb. It's a matter of who takes the more serious step. Let it be an act of war and let's see what Iran does. Give them a deadline. No one has taken a serious stand to see if they will back down, and unless you do, they're going to become a nuclear-armed state.

“So the decision comes to this, and this is the bottom line: Do we accept Iran as a nuclear-armed state or not? Anything else is just total hot air. It is just one question, do we accept it or not?”

He also explained that there is an illusion among the media and analysts that the Guards are becoming an independent entity. He insisted that they are part and parcel of the Muslim-led country. The Guards are “a big organization..., spread throughout the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Africa,” he maintained. “Basically they want to become a nuclear-armed organization. They will achieve that. They'll achieve reaching the point where they can put together an atomic warhead.”

Admitting he betrayed “the system” but not Iran, Kahlil said he had access “to a lot of information” by virtue of his position that utilized his expertise in dealing with the infrastructure of the Guards. “I was in a base where one of the intelligence units was also based,” he revealed.

“The majority of the forces are true believers—common people with not much education. And these are mostly from the poorer population. I was among them. I saw them. I lived with them. We went to the front [in the Iran-Iraq War] together….They take orders from the leadership of the Guards, [whose leaders] leaders cannot survive independently if the clerics do not support them. Both need each other. The Guard is under full control of the clerics, as is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“I believe that Ahmadinejad is among the group that believes that we shouldn't give a damn about the world and just move full speed ahead. That's the group that is in power now.

“Now just imagine that they have a nuclear bomb. The Saudi kingdom would be in jeopardy. Iraq… forget about it, it's already under control of Iran. They're helping the Taliban. In Lebanon, Hezbollah is ruling. Jordan could be in danger, Syria could be empowered, Israel could be threatened day and night, Hamas would be empowered. You could see nuclear proliferation moving into Venezuela. It is going to be unimaginable.”