Leftist Ezra Nawi
Leftist Ezra NawiIsrael news photo

The Jewish community of Otniel, located between Hevron and Be’er Sheva, filed charges Saturday night against a known far leftist woman who infiltrated the community on the Sabbath and stripped on a main street.

Rabbi Hevron Shilo, chairman of Otniel’s central committee, told Israel National News that he filed a complaint of sexual harassment with the police.

The incident began shortly after the noon hour, when a soldier at a lookout point spotted a group of leftists, head by activist Ezra Nawi. He has served time in jail for various criminal acts, including assaulting police officers. The group of about a dozen provocateurs was armed with five cameras and was hoping to photograph an angry reaction to their profaning the Sabbath in the orthodox community, where all residents are Sabbath observers.

The IDF notified the security officer of Otniel, who called for the first response team when the far leftists began walking to the center of the community, with the woman playing a flute, which is forbidden on the Sabbath.

She refused a request by the response team to leave and then stripped, baring her chest. Soldiers and police were called to the scene, but the woman refused to agree to a call by a policewoman to be placed into custody.

The woman then tried to provoke the soldiers, taunting that "you want to rape me just like you do to all the female soldiers.”

The army temporarily declared the area a closed military zone, and the group continued on a short distance, while the woman dressed. The police arrested her, but the others, including Nawi, were not taken into custody. Rabbi Shilo said that Nawi has broken into the community several times.