"Free the Mount!"
"Free the Mount!"Israel news photo

After days of waiting, organizers of a “freedom of worship” rally for Jews on the Temple Mount have finally received police approval. It will be held Tuesday evening in downtown Jerusalem.

Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick has announced that the rally will be held at 6 PM at the Mashbir Plaza on King George St., under the banner, “The Time for our Freedom has Arrived.”

“We will call for freedom of worship throughout the Temple Mount,” Glick said, “- even for Jews.”

Flyers for the rally state, “In its response to the Supreme Court regarding our demand to pray on the Temple Mount, the State representatives wrote that freedom of worship is not prevented there, but that they are ‘concerned’ about the ‘security ramifications.’ This means that the State is admitting that it is giving in to terrorism! Caving in to terrorism is a danger to democracy!”

The organizers had originally asked that the rally be held close to the Temple Mount, but “we agreed to the police request to relocate it because of the recent Arab disturbances. We hope the police will remember this in the future.”

The organizers further demand to be able to celebrate this coming Passover holiday on the site of the Holy Temple by being allowed to offer the Paschal sacrifice. One Halakhic [Jewish legal] approach over the generations is that this would be permitted, even under the present circumstances and without a Temple.

To emphasize their desire, the organizers call on participants to bring sheep and goats to the protest.