A weak earthquake was felt in northern Israel on Saturday night; no injuries or damage was reported.

The Seismological Institute reported that the quake measured 3.6 on the Richter scale. It occurred just north of the Kinneret Sea (Sea of Galilee), near the Arik Bridge, at 8:45 PM, for about ten seconds. Residents reported feeling it.

The Arik Bridge is named for Aryeh Shamir, an IDF a paratroopers officer who fell in the line of duty. It was built in 1976. 

Just ten days ago, a 3.4 earthquake was felt in northern Israel. Its epicenter was off southern Lebanon, in the Mediterranean Sea. Just a day before that, a level-6 quake hit Turkey, north of Lebanon, killing dozens.

The Kinneret currently stands at 212.81 meters below sea level, 19 centimeters above the recommended red line. Israel's rainy season is nearing its end.